20 October 2015

Results of last night's election in Canada

As indicated here, the Liberals were projected to win, according to polls, by +5.5 to +6.0 on the aggregate.

Here are the preliminary results:

Margin: Liberals +7.6% (circa 2% richer than the polling aggregates predicted)

With 184 seats secured, the Liberals are 14 seats over absolute majority in the House of Commons and they have almost double the number of seats as the Conservatives, who have 99 seats. Combined with the 44 seats that the NPD (farther to the Left than the Liberals, actually) and the 1 seat from the Greens (also to the Left), then the Center, Left and Hard-Left in Canada has at least 229 of 338 seats, or 67.8% of the House of Commons. It is therefore very unlikely that the Conservatives will be able to push through any legislation that they would like, for there are simply not going to be enough of them in the HOC for the next legislative period. I personally am not sure where the Quebec Block stands on the political spectrum.

Justin Trudeau, 43, will be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

With 17,553,591 votes cast, the size of the election in all of  Canada was roughly the size of the US presidential elections on the West Coast  (California, Oregon, Washington State). where combined, 17,991.443 votes were cast in 2012.

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