09 September 2015

Software pioneer and ex-fugitive John McAfee is forming "The Cyber Party" and running for president

File under: uhuh....

This is a REAL photo of John McAfee with a real gun pointed at his head. SOURCE.

I saw this first reported here:

Ballot Access News - John McAfee Says He is Founding a New Political Party

And the main story:

Software pioneer McAfee files paperwork to run for president

The antivirus software pioneer John McAfee on Tuesday filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president. 
The paperwork was confirmed as authentic by Kyle Sandler, who is identified as one of the campaign’s directors and responded to a request for comment from a contact form on McAfee’s personal website. The filing lists an Alabama address, and noted that McAfee would be “founding a new party yet to be announced.”
Questions were initially raised whether the eccentric founder of the eponymous named anti-virus software company — who describes himself as a “eccentric millionaire & still alive” on his Twitter profile — would be eligible to run since many profiles about him note that he was born in the United Kingdom. But McAfee is eligible to run because he was born on a U.S. Army base in the United Kingdom to an American serviceman, according to Sandler. His mother was of British decent. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who won the Republican nomination in 2008, has a similar story....
...In terms of policy issues, he told Wired that the federal government is “illiterate” on the underlying technology that supports everyday life, from smartphones to military hardware to communications.

Here is his FEC form:


2015-09-009 McAfee FEC form for president (unaffiliated).png

The Hill article claims that he moved to somewhere in Tennessee after returning to the USA, but the FEC form shows a residential (and not commercial) address in Opelika, AL, which is between Montgomery, AL and Atlanta GA, right off of I-85.


John McAfee announces he's running for President

 John McAfee, the antivirus software magnate who fled Belize after police tried to question him for murder, confirmed to CNNMoney that he plans to run for President in 2016 and that he'd created his own party -- the Cyber Party.
McAfee explained that he decided to run after being encouraged by "almost everyone" he knows and meets.
"I have a huge underground following on the web," McAfee said. "I promise you I will win because I have the votes."

Here is his WIKI:

John McAfee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is his campaign website:


And a screenshot from his website:

2015-09-009 McAfee for prez website screenshot.png

The one interesting thing about his website, which imo is pretty damned elementary looking for a guy who is a software pioneer, is the "HOW TO VOTE" link, which is then sorted by state, with multiple links. That is indeed a helpful thing to have at a campaign website.


FACIT: Were John McAfee to gain any traction at all, he would be the first candidate for president ever to have lived a pretty long time in a foreign land (other than as a dignitary, like Jefferson did as an Ambassador) and would be the first sought-after fugitive from said foreign land. He would also be the first candidate ever to have allowed himself to be photographed pointing a gun at his head. He is described as "erratic", "unstable" and such. So, although I don't think he has a snowball's chance in hell at winning the presidency, I can imagine his newly formed "Cyber Party" getting some membership and some votes.....

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