02 August 2015

Gravis (R) polling: Trump now at 31% nationally, +18 over Bush, +19 over Walker

National Polling Results One America News Network

1,535 RV for the entire poll, MoE = +/-2.5


To be exact: Trump +17.5% over Bush. That's a landslide margin, but well under the 50 mark.


To be exact: Clinton +36.5% over Sanders. That is a blowout margin, and above the 50 mark.

For some strange reason, Gravis is still polling for Elizabeth Warren in the DEM primary polling.

Of course, 54.9% is a far higher percentage than 30.8%, but OAN goes out of it's way to show both races graphically as if the leading percentages are equal in strength to each other. OAN also lies about Gravis, calling it a non-partisan polling organization, when in reality, Gravis is a self-identified Republican polling organization.

This is the highest number that any Republican has scored thus far in polling within the GOP.

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