31 July 2015

Gravis (R) polling: Trump takes a huge lead in Iowa poll over Walker (GOP nomination)

Trump Has Big Lead in Iowa One America News Network

GRAVIS poll Iowa 2015-07-031.jpg
Gravis (R) Marketing, 670 RV, MoE = +/-3.8

Trump +15.5 over Walker (R)

Clinton +26.8 over Sanders (D)

This is a huge shift in Iowa, where Walker had been leading. And according to Gravis, Rand Paul has imploded, down to 1%. Rand's father, Ron, took 2nd place to Rick Santorum in Iowa in 2012, but walked away with the most delegates.

The Democratic poll makes almost no sense with Elizabeth Warren in the mix. She has already clearly said she is not running. Still, Hillary has a more than comfortable lead here and in every other state polled thus far.

Gravis does not have a good polling record. It has a record of miscalls and also a very large mathematical bias of 3 points to the Right, based on it's performance in the the end polling for 2012:

Statistikhengst s ELECTORAL POLITICS - 2015 and beyond The moment of truth how did the pollsters do 

(Details at the link)

More Iowa polling is sure to follow...

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