23 November 2013

ODS alert: Facebook group founders threatens to kill Obama

There is a new group in Facebook that calls itself:

[B]Christian American Patriots Militia[/B].

Here is the link:


Here is a screenshot of the opening graphic of the group:

Right now, that group has 1,404 members, I suspect that it will grown. Here is a screenshot of some of the members:

The founder of the group, Everest Wilhelmsen, can be found here in FB:


This is an entry of his from November 19th, the day of the "Million Man March" (Ha!!) on Washington (warning: this is vulgar stuff):

This is being reported all over the place:


(video at that link, from Chris Matthews HARDBALL on MSNBC)

Southern Poverty Law Center

Hatriots Revolution

America Blog


I don't think I need to explain any of that. These nuts are just plain old batshit crazy. But even a small group of crazies can be very, very dangerous.  I would hope very much that true Tea Party supporters would condemn this kind of stuff. I sent the guy an email of FB and gave him a piece of my mind.


This video from 2010 gives some insight into the militia mentality:

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