28 November 2013

November 27, 2013: a day at a glance

Occasionally, I simply take screenshots of the front pages of many websites that represent:

a.) the so-called "mainstream-media".
b.) Right-leaning media
c.) Left-leaning media

I do this for a number of reasons, the most important of which is to quickly see what each news outlet tends to prioritize. And so, on a "normal" news day, one day before Thanksgiving, but a day when a number of people take the day off to get ready for the Holiday and therefore might be more apt to also catch the news, I thought it would be good just to get an overview.

Secondly, I do it because I tend to get my information from many sources, ranging from the most Right-Wing to the most Left-Wing. Perhaps I do this because I am of the opinion that no one news source will ever be able to get out all the news, and different news outlets tend to have a definite slant, which is unhealthy for a citizen when he only listens to one source. I even go every day to FreeRepublic to see what is being publicized.

So, the purpose of this thread is in no way to criticize any news outlet. I am simply going to publish the screenshots of the front pages, encourage you to look at all of them, and have you make your own judgements. 

The screenshots are being published in random order: I uploaded them all to photobucket and am linking them simply in the order that photobucket is spitting them out :)

Please feel free to comment on any title or format or picture that evokes a strong response from you.


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