07 February 2013

Sometimes the unbelievable really DOES happen: a "virtual presidency"


Ok, I can understand it when members of one party are disappointed, angry, depressed, even mad as hell that their candidate lost. After all, a hard fought partisan battle for a public office, especially for the Presidency of the USA, is going to end with one winner and one (or more) loser(s) when the election is over with.

And I can understand that some souls feel the need to vent and rant on the internet, using anonymity as their shield. I don't expect them to be courageous: for some of these souls, "courageous" would entail actually opening up the blinds & cleaning up the  coke bottles and empty pizza boxes littering the floor in their mom and dad's basement, where they have been holed-up for 3 or 4 years now, attached to the computer, turning into albinos. Poor creatures.

But this is just too delicious, too weird and too zany to pass up. I want to be the first to share this delicacy with you:

One conservative has erected a complete virtual CONSERVATIVE presidency that started (in his mind) on January 20th, 2013.

Here it is:


The virtual president's name is "Bill Whittle", and apparently, in this guy's mind, Bill Whittle was elected in 2012...


Bill Whittle is an actual person, he is a writer and director (also a pilot) out of Los Angeles who makes his money mostly from speaking engagements in front of very Conservative crowds. He plays the crowd, makes his money, and then moves on.

The Dryer Report has a write-up on this guy.

The Freepers are already salivating over him like it is the second coming.

Essentially, it is his intent to set up a virtual shadow presidency to follow Obama's every step and explain how a "real" conservative would handle this, that or the other.

Bill Whittle has his own presidential emblem:

In fact, "President" Bill Whittle has already given his own virtual inauguration speech:

If you want some very good entertainment, go watch it.

Now, the guy has some very cogent and sage things to say, so I am not saying that he is stupid,  but I dunno, to have the balls - or chutzpah - to set yourself up as a "virtual" president kind of sounds like a mental illness to me, for as you all know, President Barack Obama (D) was actually re-elected in the REAL WORLD, this time with 65.9 million votes and 51.03% of the National Popular vote to Mitt Romney's 47.18%, and more importantly, with 332 Electoral Votes to Mitt Romney's 206. The election was not even really close in the NPV and it was a verifiable landslide in the EC. 

But somehow, this guy feels the need to set himself up as a virtual president. Wow.  And to make it look even more official, Bill Whittle also offers you an official .pdf transcript of his world-shaking inaugural speech to download and faun over, if you like.

It might interest you to hear what Mr. Whittle says about extreme wealth.

Of his website, he says the following:

"The Virtual Presidency is a rhetorical device used to introduce common sense into modern American politics."

Ok. We need a virtual presidency in order to have debate? When did this happen? Common sense for whom?

Had a Democrat done this during Bush 43's presidency, I am sure the Right would have laughed its collective ass off and called the guy a "loon", and the Right would have been right, that guy would have been a loon.

And so is this guy. He is an absolute loon, but I support his 1st amendment right to be an absolute loon. The question is: will the Right profit from this kind of stuff, or just take another hit by sane people who will see Bill Whittle and scratch their heads...

And how much do you want to bet that in short order, this guy will be wanting $$$$ from people on his website?

Charlatan.I will be following his website throughout the year and reporting with the title: "Whack-a-Whittle Alert".

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