21 January 2013

Inauguration 2013: Part II (Monday) - Live-Blog

A live blog.

-Chuck Schumer gave an outstanding speech. He a wonderful master of ceremonies. He has the ability to hold peoples' attention.

-The invocation was lovely. Mrs. Evers erroneously called Obama the 45th president. That is incorrect, he is still the 44th.

-The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is simply fantastic. WOW.

-.Lamar Alexander: nice quote of Alex Haley from "Roots". He is reminding us of the majesty of the transfer of power. The peaceful transfer of power is what separates us from others.

-V.P. has reaffirmed the oath. Sonja Sotomayor administered the oath, with dignity and elegance. The band selected for today played the VP march.

-James Taylor: "America the Beautiful". I think John Boehner is about to cry. Not sure why.

-President Obama reaffirms the oath of office. "Hail to the Chief", 21 gun salute. Emotional. All military personnel standing on the stage are saluting the Commander in Chief. Impressive.

-The President's speech surprised me for it's specificity, for the linking to our Forefathers, for the incredible imagery about Martin Luther King, Jr. I think that it would be best to get a transcript of the speech and go through it in detail, but gone are the words about hope and change. Instead, much as Reagan did, the President was really willing to stand up for what he wants to get done in the next four years. The speech was less lofty, but much more human:

President Barack Obama - Reinauguration speech, January 21, 2013 from Mark Rosenthal on Vimeo.

-Richard Blanco's poem will go down as one of THE events of the day. What a poem - something to really think about. Use of "one" - one sun, one wind, one breath, one moon, all intertwined with Blanco's experiences growing up.

-Rev. Luis Leon gave the benediction. He was the same pastor who prayed at GWB's inauguration. Rev. Leon also spoke part of the blessing en Espagnol, and I think that that is the first time this has ever happened at an Inauguration.

-Beyonce was wonderful. Lord, what a beautiful, and I mean, a stunningly beautiful woman. Wow.

Afterward, the President went to sign some official papers.

18:48 EDT, we see former President Bill Clinton and future 45th president Hillary Clinton in the Capitol building.

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