12 January 2013

Not your father's DEATH STAR, I guess...

So, some whackadoodle right-wing war hawks petitioned the White House for the President to start building a DEATH STAR, ala Star Wars. 

 Sigh. Go figure. No shit. This petition is real.

 Their petition got up to 34,435 signatures and has already been answered. This is golden:

CNET responded with some humorous commentary:

"Indeed, and since it would take 800,000 years to produce the amount of steel needed for a Death Star, we won't have to worry about unemployment rates for the next several epochs."

Oh, and they had a great graphic:

And this is just about as close as those RWNJs are going to come to having their Death Star in the next couple of centuries.....  have a nice picnic.

Even the Deutsche Welle has picked up this story...

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