17 January 2013

Even Conservatives are recoiling at the NRA.

Joe Scarborough, an arch-Conservative, reamed the NRA an new ass on Morning Joe:

Joe: "What is wrong with these people?.... This extremism is so frightening"... watch how Joe Scarborough lowers and then shakes his head after seeing the ad (ca 0:50 into the video).

Oh, and the app that Mika mentioned:

Just one week after those 20 children were massacred in Newtown, the NRA put out an app for FOUR YEAR OLDS to use, to allow them to shoot up coffins. No shit. Can't get much sicker than this. The app is for IPhone and IPad, is called "NRA: Practice Range".  Here is a screenshot of what the targets look like:

I just want to remind: some of those twenty children were being put in caskets at the time that this app came out. The app allows you to choose from any of nine weapons and for $0.99 you can download the M11 Sniper rifle.  Sick, truly sick, down to the core.

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