10 January 2013

Another RWNJ comes unhinged...

Just watch it first:

That was James Yeager, "CEO" of Tactical Response, which is a company that specializes in weapons and tactical training.

Oh, in the meantime, he went in his pants for what he said and edited the "I'm gonna start killin people" part out of his video. Unfortunately for him, CROOKS AND LIARS already uploaded the original, which you can see here.

He then put out a second video, that is not really an apology, but he did try to soften his tone:

Oh, and btw, his daughter, according to this video, fired her first gun at the age of THREE (no shit):

His daugher is now, I suppose, in her teens, and makes some youtube vids of her with guns.

These are the kind of nutbag freakazoids we are dealing with. They are totally unhinged. They are losing it and they won't go down without a fight, even if it means killing other people.

It really is a shame, for I bet that this guy is, under normal circumstances, pretty ok.

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