06 December 2012

Ohio's 2012 results have now been certified - some historical data

Interesting, and yes, IMPORTANT electoral history was set in stone today, 12/05/2012:

The election results from the quadrennial battleground state deluxe of the entire USA, the Buckeye State of OHIO, were certified by OH SOS John Husted today:

Obama 2,827,621 (50.67%)
Romney 2,661,407 (47.69%)
others 91,794 (1.64%)
MARGIN: Obama +2.98%

Here, in table form, compared to 2008:

DEM GOP IND Total DEM % GOP % IND % Margin Mar %
Ohio 2012 * 2827621 2661407 91794 5580822 50,67% 47,69% 1,64% 166214 2,98%
Ohio 2008 2940044 2677820 103951 5721815 51,38% 46,80% 1,82% 262224 4,58%
Diff: -112423 -16413 -12157 -140993 -0,72% 0,89% -0,17% -96010 -1,60%

In historical context, Obama's raw vote total was the third highest raw vote for a candidate in Ohio history, after Obama (2008) and Bush (2004) and the percentage margin was in-between: higher than Clinton '92 but lower than Clinton '96, higher than Bush '04 but lower than Bush '00, lower than Obama '08 but higher than Carter '76 or Truman '48 or even FDR '32. Also higher than Nixon (R) '68 and Dewey (R) '44.

Though Obama fell 112,000 votes shy of his 2008 raw vote total, Mitt Romney also fell short of John McCain's 2008 raw vote total. And the third-party/scatter vote also fell short of 2008.

If you are a stickler for history, then Barack Obama is actually the only Democrat EVER in history to win Ohio with over 50% of the vote in his first election and in his re-election. True, FDR won Ohio twice with over 50%, but that was in his second and third elections in 1936 and 1940. FDR's 1932 win in Ohio was a minority win! So, electoral history was written in Ohio on this day in 2012.

Furthermore, Obama is the only Democrat in history to carry Hamilton County (Cincinnatti) twice in a row - ever.

You can download the final Ohio canvass as an excel document here.

or you can download it as a .pdf here.

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