15 November 2012

The Freepers think that Obama is Hitler (again....)

I don't too too much personal commentary on this blog, but this morning will be an exception.

So, I open my rss-feed reader this morning, in which I have feeds from all sorts of websites, both from the Left and from the Right, and what do I see in Free Republic as a feed? :

And from the website itself:

Ah, Godwin. Yes, people came out to vote for Obama, and therefore he is Hitler. Uhuh, got it. Thanks for clearing that one up, Freepers.

In only 9 days, the Right is always invoking Godwin's law. I wonder if it is because Hitler, uh, excuse me, Obama, is, uh, black?

I wish we could say that the freepers are meaningless, but actually, this individual's website has a large readership. And this is the same group of assholes who exposed Nick Berg's identity in Iraq, mistakenly thinking that he was an anti-war activist (his father was, he was not) leading to his cold-blooded murder at the hands of Al Quaeda after Abu Graib came to light.

So, not only are they Right-Wing freaks whose knuckles scrape along the ground alot, they are a bunch of traitorous, unamerican asswipes who would prefer to see an innocent person murdered than admit that maybe, just maybe, broadcasting lists of peoples names in a time of war is a bad idea. During WWII, doing such things was considered treason.

And cowards that they are, they never showed remorse for having more than likely contributed to his murder. Benghazi, my ass!  Freepers don't give a shit about Muslims or any kind of Arabs. They are using the tragedy only to spread lies and try to make the POTUS look as bad as possible. They, sick as they are in the head, truly think that somehow Benghazi is going to be Obama's "Watergate". Good luck with that one, freaks.


And did it ever occur to the Right that every time freaks like the freepers publish stuff like this, other minorities who have already been degraded and insulted enough by enough Republican and Conservative figures over the last 12 years are probably not going to be very inclined to ever vote Republican? Does it ever occur to these neanderthals that they are shooting themselves squarely in the foot? Well, as far as I am concerned, they can shoot themselves in the foot or the ass or wherever they please, so long as they don't shoot innocents along the way, for which they already have a bad track record.

Just two days ago, Bryan Fisher of the AFA, a rabidly extreme Right-Wing and Right-Wing "Christian" organization with verifiable ties to White Supremacists and racism (here is one example among 100s), spoke on radio and also on video that Latinos will never vote Republican because they want to take white peoples' stuff, so there is no reason for Republicans to try to earn their vote by bending on immigration reform.

If Republicans listen to people like Bryan Fisher, I would say that it is going to be a very, very long century for the Republican Party.

Feel free to let the owner of the Freepers know what you think of this rot.

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