10 November 2012

Some Editorials on Obama's re-election worth reading.

First, DocJess at DemConWatch has done a write-up called "Hubris: The real 2012 Election takeaway".

Go read it.

I ask you: what the hell kind of candidate who has just been defeated for the Presidency CANCELS the credit cards of his staff credit cards on the same night - leaving said staff with an unpleasant surprise trying to get cabs to get home from what was supposed to be a victory party? What kind of candidate, who himself is loaded with dough, does this?

I will tell you: an asshole does something like this.

What kind of opposition party representatives, namely Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the US House of Representatives Boehner, refused telephone calls from the just-re-elected POTUS on the night of his election, with the lame ass excuse that they were "sleeping"? Come on. On Election Night. Sleeping?

I will tell you: absolute assholes do this kind of this. People who don't give one shit about their country and are more willing to spread hatred and rancor at the only black, northern, liberal Democratic President to be elected not only once, but twice - than they are to do what patriotic Americans do, which is to close ranks around the winner. Even Mitt Romney had enough common sense in his shellshocked head to realize that this is necessary. This kind of breach of the most decent of protocols in our electoral history just shows how deep the Republican Party has sunk

And what kind of pundits, like Mary Matalin, call the President a "narcissitic sociopath" less than 24 hours after his re-election?

I will tell you: assholes who don't give a shit about their country do this kind of stuff. But it is no surprise that the National Review was willing to publish such utter puke. Spit.

When George W. Bush, Jr, for whom I did not vote, was re-elected in 2004, I never did nor would I ever stay such garbage about him.

I have decided to make it a mission of mine in the next four years to call out Republicans, most of them very Conservative Republicans, for this kind of horseshit.

Republicans did not understand it in 2008 and they still do not understand it now:

Dear GOP, the electoral sand shifted under your feet four years ago and you deluded yourself into thinking it was a one-time deal. Well, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico - all Obama pick-ups from 2008 and Obama RETENTIONS in 2012- are telling you differently. Either accept the new demographic reality of our Union or be content to relegate your once great party into a petty, bickering, chock-full-of racists, bigots, homophobes, zenophobes, isololationists and vulture capitalist party that will become a minority party for a long time. Did you really think that after hating on black and brown people for four long years (or more) that they were suddenly going to get amnesia and vote for your guy?

And John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: you are both proving how irrelevant you are.


Here are two write-ups from HuffPo worth perusing:




Also, this one:


So, enough Conservative assholery. They need to grow up. Really, they do.

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