15 November 2012

Mitt Romney: Obama won because of "gifts".

Wow. "47%" all again. Ok, sour grapes and "47%".


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Politico is also reporting on this HERE.

The Republicans lost "because the 47% was given so many gifts, it grew into the 51%". Ouch, that hurt.

BTW, Mitt Romney's national percentage keeps moving downward, toward, gasp, 47%.

Apparently, a couple of smart Republicans, especially ones who will be up for re-election pretty soon, are not buying it, like Bobby Jindal.

2 take-aways from this: Mitt Romney said on FOX, among other stations, that he made a mistake about the 47% thing. Apparently, he lied, even on FOX.

-Sour grapes after an election does not reflect well on your party. Walter Mondale did not blame Reagan voters in 1984. Michael Dukakis did not blame George HW Bush voters in 1988. George HW Bush and Bob Dole did not blame Clinton voters in 1992 and 1996, respectively. Al Gore did not blame George W. Bush, Jr. voters in 2000. Ditto John Kerry in 2004. John McCain admitted the strong mandate for Obama and even CONGRATULATED the black community for his achievement.

But Mitt Romney? Nope, not willing to admit any mistakes, in spite of the fact that he lost the state of his birth,the city of his birth (Detroit), the state where he was Governor, his running mate Paul Ryan also lost his home state and his hometown, making the Romney/Ryan ticket the first losing ticket in 40 years to lose all of their "home" states, since 1972.

Other losing presidential tickets have lost all of their home states in the past, but in each case, it was a landslide loss at the national level. This makes Romney/Ryan the first losing presidential ticket in more than 100 years to lose all of their "home" states in a lean national election.

It is a shame that, after such a gracious concession speech, Mitt Romney has decided to be an ass on the way out the door. Most losing presidential candidates are very quiet for a long time after their defeat. Mitt Romney could learn a thing or two from them.


More info about losing presidential tickets HERE.

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