23 October 2012

The Debate in Boca Raton - of Horses and Bayonets....

I just had a chance to watch the debate, due to so much work.

Romney sweat a great deal. He looked visibly uncomfortable being there.

And the President obviously dominated this debate.

Once again, I am just amazed at the techtonic shift in all of this: just 8 short years ago, Democrats were tending to want to pee their pants the moment they heard the words "national security" and "debate" in the same sentence. They did this because they were so used to the GOP using national security as a bludgeon on them....

After DECADES of always painting Democratic presidents and the Democratic Party as "weak" on national security, the GOP, under it's standard bearer, has apparently and quite suddenly become the party of PEACENIKS. Uhuh.... wow. But it is true: the harshest attacks from Romney aimed at Obama, aside from the "gutting our military" argument, came from the LEFT, not the RIGHT. Wow.

On of the weakest arguments, and the huge red herring stinking up the room, was the argument Mitt wanted to make that Obama was gutting military spending. The line about "horses and bayonets" is obviously the moment for which this debate will be remembered. For the imagery caused by this line will make people think.

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