22 October 2012

Politico and foreign policy debate

 "It will be almost impossible to win, since the debate is focused exclusively on foreign policy, a strength for President Barack Obama."

That is within the first line of this Politico article over the debate coming up tonight:

Romney's Toughest Debate.


My, oh my, how times have changed. Just 24 years ago, Democrats were almost instinctively shaking in their knees at the words "foreign policy" and "debate" in the same sentence. They were used to being cowered by the Republicans was "weak" and "irratic", sometimes even "dangerous" - and people who did the most hatchet-work for the GOP, like one Karl Rove, who helped Gerald Ford turn a 30 point deficit into a 2 point deficit in 1976, always thought that foreign policy was absolutely the achilles heel of every Democrat in the Union. Even in 2004, decorated war veteran John Kerry was nervous about the national security red herring.

How ironic it is, therefore, when a Right-Wing leaning site like POLITICO writes such a sentence, admitting that foreign policy is a strength for Obama.

Was it not a totally whacked-up, tea-drinking, comparing foreigners to dogs Republican from Iowa, one certain Rep. King (R) from Iowa who warned in 2008 that if Obama were to win the election, that "El Quaida will be dancing in the streets".

Well, four years have passed, most of El Quaida is decimated thanks to this black, northern, liberal President and his perserverence.

Obama has a final chance tonight to paint Mitt Romney as the "inferior" on foreign policy.
I look forward to the debate.

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