13 October 2012

First came the Birthers, then the LVTruthers and the Tenthers, and now...THE RINGERS

The "Ringers".

I gotta hand it to those clowns, they are very, very creative.

It's all about this ring:

That is the President's ring. This is important stuff, y'all.

Jerome Corsi, yes - the same man who wrote books about aliens conducting anal probes on us and time travel and just all sorts of cool stuff - the same Jerome Corsi who always writes just every couple of weeks that he will be producing the final proof that Barack HUSSEIN (oh, gasp, a muslim, run for the hills!) Obama is not a US-American citizen, yes, that nutbag, has come up with a new conspiracy, namely that the Islamic "Shahada" (one sentence creed of Islam) is inscribed onto the ring and that the arabic letters are within that loopy design you see on the ring.

The "Shahada" (also called one of the five pillars of Islam) is a simple sentence that goes like this:

"There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet."

In Judaism, there is a similar one sentence creed, called the "Shema":

"Hear O, Israel, the Lord is G-d, the Lord is ONE."

It looks very much to me as if the Shahada is a variation of the Shema that was worked into the Kuran and Hadith. But that is just my impression.

So, Corsi wrote this oh, so cool article in that totally non-biased website WORLD NET DAILY: 


He's worn band on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle

In the article, he makes the claim that since Obama had been wearing the ring on his finger BEFORE he married Michelle, there must be something evil about it:

"“Dreams from My Real Father” producer Joel Gilbert, an Arabic speaker and an expert on the Middle East, was the first to conclude that Obama’s ring, reportedly from Indonesia, bore an Islamic inscription.
Photographs published last week by the New Yorker from Obama’s time at Occidental College, taken by fellows students, indicate that the ring Obama wore three decades ago is the one he is wearing in the White House."

Uhuh...  Then he posts photos of the ring, showing how just maybe, just maybe, there could be Arabic letters within the artsy squiggly things on his ring. Notice that in the crystal clear photo from above, the two rows of squiggly things are actually almost identical to each other and the squiggles are unbroken. 

Now, notice how it is all deliberately blurred in this photo:

I find it just amazing that for people like Corsi and Arapaio, who proclaim to be such super-sleuths, that he couldn't find a pic where the resolution was really, really good? In the picture he provides for his article, where he desperately tries to superimpose arabic letters over the squiggly design things on the President's ring, all of a sudden, everything is blurry, blurry, blurry. Hmmmm.

Why is that ring suddenly so blurry? Hmmmm...

Now, take a look again at the President's ring with really good resolution:

Isn't it just amazing how Corsi's photographs lack such stunning detail, when in reality, this pic of Obama's ring has been available for anyone who wants it at GETTY IMAGES, here? In fact, you can get it in super hi-res HERE. The photo was taken of the President, including his hand, on June 5, 2009 at a press conference in Dresden, Germany. This pic has been available on the net for more than 3 years now.

In fact, here is the super-duper HI RES photo:

Is it not just amazing how Jerome Corsi is unable to provide a crystal clear photo of "the ring", when I was able to find it in about 3 minutes on the internet? Is that not just fucking amazing?

I'll tell you why it is not amazing: because Corsi, crook that he is, doctored the photo of Obama's ring to make it look like just maybe, arabic letters could somehow be superimposed upon the ring.

Here is how the text of the Shahada looks in good, clear calligraphy, and not the ugly chicken scratching that Corsi wants to sell us:

That is from the Wasir-Khan Mosque in Lahor.

That is the flag of Saudi-Arabia. The text is the Shahada.

Just as every devout Christian knows the "Lord's Prayer" or the "Credo" by heart and every practicing Jew knows the "Sh'ma" by heart, every devout Muslim knows the "Shahada" by heart. And the rules of arabic calligraphy, just like the rules for hebrew calligraphy, are very strict, especially about the correctness and clarity of arabic calligraphy. The books on this are themselves mostly in Arabic, as soon as I find an English download, then I will update this blog-thread.

Just watch this famous Islamic Calligrapher do his work:

Notice the attention to detail. Notice the time it took for him to write this.

Facit: Jerome Corsi, as usual, is completely full of shit. He is preying upon the secret fears of people in order to make money off of this stuff. He makes his living by propagating conspiracy theories and has probably the biggest fixation on the President of any person I have ever seen in my life. He is doing this because it is now four weeks until the Presidential Election. He is doing this because he hates Barack Obama with a passion.

 It is sick. Corsi is sick.

BTW, URBAN LEGENDS has also debunked this.

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