19 September 2012

National Polling Outlook, September, Week 3

All of the polling raw-data is stored at the Electoral Statistics section of politicalhotwire.com.
It is all hyperlinked.

I will post the running averages - per week, also here at my blog.

The rolling average is:

polls no older than seven days
no repeaters
simple average, no weighting.

2012-09-013 Thursday / Average: Obama +4.09

2012-09-014 Friday / Average: Obama +3.81
2012-09-015 Saturday / Average: Obama +3.81

2012-09-016 Sunday / Average: Obama +3.81
2012-09-017 Monday / Average: Obama +3.93

2012-09-018 Tuesday / Average: Obama +4.00

Also, there is a complete polling repository for the 2012 National Polling HERE  at Electoral Statistics.

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