30 September 2012


A friendly shout-out to all those DEM CON WATCH people who may just stop by!!!

Welcome to my one-stop, all you can eat electoral statistics blog!

Docjess of Pennsylvania fame was kind enough to direct you all over here.

There is tons of stuff here to read, lots of it quite current. But the sidebar format can be difficult to navigate now and then.

So, everything that is here, you can also find under my internet name of  "bonncaruso" at the electoral statistics subsection of the LIBRARY at politicalhotwire.com.

I post nightly battleground reports, the nightly national numbers, and in regular intervals, an "Electoral Landscape" Report, which I used to call the "Polling Convergence" at DCW in 2008.

If any of you have questions or comments, you can mail me HERE.

So, welcome to Rosenthalswelt!!!



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