20 September 2012

Co-Chair Tim Pawlenty is leaving the Romney campaign

Romney Co-Chair Abandons Campaign, Will Head Group Lobbying Against Wall Street Reform | ThinkProgress

"Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced Thursday morning that he would step down as co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign to become the head of the Financial Services Roundtable, a trade organization that represents the 100 largest financial services companies in the country.

Pawlenty tenure will begin as the group continues to lobby against the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reforms that are starting to take effect. Among his new causes will be defeating the law’s price controls on debit card fees and the Volcker Rule, which is intended to keep banks from engaging in the risky behavior that led to the industry’s collapse in 2008. FSR has also taken aim at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the bill’s provisions for whistleblowers."


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On the "47%" thread at politicalhotwire.com and also on the Mitt 47% Presser thread, I had started posting about known Republicans who are heading for the hills over the "47%" thingy. I also indicated that it would only be a matter of time before Mitt 's team would have a shake-up. Well, it has started. And in very high places.

Tpaw is out... again.

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