26 July 2012

Republicans can't spell and they can't proofread

Remember THIS?

That's right, the typo in the House GOP bill, inadvertantly (cough-cough) using the word "employment" where the word "unemployment" should go.

Well, the GOP fixed that word.

And then fucked-up something else within the bill.

House GOP typo fix has new mistake - Tim Mak - POLITICO.com


A new rule meant to fix a significant typo in a Republican regulation bill has in it a typo of its own.

The new mistake comes after Republican legislative staffers were left 
red-faced earlier this week when H.R. 4078 was posted on the House Rules Committee website. The bill said regulatory actions would be frozen until “average of monthly employment rates for any quarter … is equal to or less than 6.0 percent.”

Of course, they meant “unemployment,” rather than “employment,” as Congress would presumably be in quite the pickle should unemployment hit 94 percent.

Now Democrats have found that fix for the rule - set to be voted on Thursday - has a typo of its own: it refers to a incorrect resolution - “House Resolution 783,” when in fact it should cite House Resolution 738.
House Resolution 783 does not exist.

“This is the equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns,” Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) said on the House floor. “Consideration of this rule and this bill and the change to the bill and the change to the rule that changed the bill is all a major time sink.”"


More at the link. And remember, it is coming from Politico, which usually gets out of bed with the GOP every morning, smokes a cig and says "Baby, was I good?"

Now, some evil tongues could say that the House GOP is just doing these dumb things to delay stuff. My, oh, my, those busy little Elephantinos would NEVER do such a thing.

But that would be just too evil. And I am against evil.

My theory is simpler.

From the primaries, we already learned that Republicans can't count (Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, oh, the list is lonnnnnnngggg...).

And now we know: they can't spell.



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