15 July 2012

Bain, Bain, Bain --- what a pain in the Bain!!

The Bain three-ring circus continues its tour across the land. After lying about his tenure at Bain, the Romney team is trying every trick in the book to engage in CYA (cover your ass) over it.

But the best today was Ed Gillespie, who made the audacious (and unbelievably stupid) claim that Romney "retired retroactively" from Bain.

The good stuff is at 2:41

"He took a leave of absence and in fact, ended up not going back at all and retired retroactively to February 1999 as a result."

Not surprisingly, virtually everyone with a brain in his head is condemning this as one of the most stupid moments of the Romney campaign - thus far. From Business Insider (a very right-wing leaning website):

"This Political Wire tweet says it all: "Romney campaign comes up with worst talking point ever."
It comes as a reaction to the appearance of Ed Gillespie, a senior adviser to Mitt Romneyon CNN's "State of the Union" with Candy Crowley. Gillespie told Crowley on Sunday that Romney, who has faced a slew of criticism this week over when exactly he left Bain Capital, "retired retroactively" from Bain. 
Romney has said he left the company in 1999 to run the Olympics. He is trying to avoid being associated with responsibility for some of Bain's notable bankruptcies and its involvement with several companies that outsourced jobs during that time period. "

This is also being reported on HuffPO and KOS,

THERE IS MORE: yet another Bain Capital document listed Romney as "managing member" in 2002, three years after he claimed to have completely left Bain. This is being reported in-full on HuffPo.

Here are the pertinent sections to the two page document (.pdf):

This means that Romney still had power to do business as a leader in Bain. The document was filed at the end of 2002.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin had some, uh, heated words for Romney

"Why is Mitt Romney running away from his company, Bain Capital, like a scalded cat?" he said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "Because there is abundant evidence that under Bain Capital, they were exporting American jobs to low-wage countries. and he doesn't want to be associated with it."

And Rahm Emanuel also has words for the presumptive GOP nominee:

"As Mitt Romney said once to his own Republican colleagues, stop whining," Emanuel said on ABC's "This Week." "I give him his own advice. Stop whining. If you want to claim Bain Capital as your calling card for the White House, then defend what happened at Bain Capital."

And on the TAX RETURN FRONT, from the Right, Bill Kristol, a permanent fixture on FOXnews, says that Romney

..."should release the tax returns tomorrow. It's crazy," Kristol said on "Fox News Sunday." "You gotta release six, eight, 10 years of back tax returns. Take the hit for a day or two."

TALKING POINTS MEMO has put out a short but pointed essay on this, called "Rotting from the Top":

"Ed Gillespie is getting a world of criticism this morning for ‘retroactively retired’ and the whole Mitt team is getting lectured on extremely poor handling of the mix of offshore accounts, outsourcing, and Romney’s quantum physics approach to having been CEO and not CEO of Bain at the same time. But any campaign operative or observer will tell you that it’s very, verydifficult for a campaign to be more forthcoming, agile or aware than the candidate himself."

The long and short of it is: Mitt Romney has a serious Bain problem, one that is a Bain in the....

....and this problem is not going away. Actually, it is probably going to get worse.

Next week, we go from "drip-drip-drip" on this story to "drench-drench-drench".

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