16 March 2012

"The Road We've Traveled"

You know, people have eyes and ears. This is what the Republicans are up against in the Fall.
One of the best mini-docus I have ever seen. Perfectly produced and in typical unterstated Obama style.

Not one bit of information in this film is factually inaccurate - every piece of information is historically correct -, as opposed to virtually every word that Romney and Santorum and Gingrich spit out of their mouths.

With this film, the battle for the White House has begun. Only, Mitt Romney ("Let the auto industry die") is too busy underwhelming and outspending his opponents 5 or 6 to 1 in order to be just barely ahead to really be able to combat this right now. Let the whole world remember that Romney wanted the Big-3 to die. The next time you talk with blue-collar workers, remind them who saved the Auto industry. Hint: it wasn't Mitt Romney.

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