05 February 2012

Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Another racist GOP ad! Whodathunk...

You know it is really bad when even POLITICO feels forced to criticize a Republican.

Pete Hoekstra (R) is running for Senate in Michigan. The same Pete Hoekstra who failed in his bid for the GOP gubernatorial primaries in 2010. Yes, the same Pete Hoekstra who made false claims about WMDs in Iraq in 2006, for which there was a blowback from the Pentagon. Yes, the same Pete Hoekstra who put up a website about WMDs so detailed that it was feared that people could learn how to build WMDs from it - the site was taken down in November, 2006.

This is the ad he has that will run during the Super-Bowl:

1.) chinese sounding music: check  including the use of a GONG for key words like "now" and "not".
2.) hot asian chick: check
3.) she speaks broken english the way we think an asian would speak "engrish": check
4.) chock full of stereotypes: check
5.) creates yet another image of China as "the enemy": check

But of course, this is not racist. Nosiree!!!

DAMN! but it gets worse...

Not only that, at Hoekstra's "Debbiespenditnow" website, take a look at the chinese characters all over the place, and, of course, the communist RED color:

That is just the first page of Debbie Spenditnow | Thanks to Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow China's economy is Growing

There are four more pages:

The GREAT WALL of Debt, instead of the GREAT WALL OF CHINA:

Look at all that artwork on that jet-plane:

Notice that China is depicted as a MONSTER:

Do these GOP clowns really think they can win by insulting entire ethnic/racial groups? I mean, do they have a spring loose, or what?

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