04 February 2012

Mitt will eventually get nominated, I think... but...

apparently, along the way, Newt Gingrich is just absolutely hell-bent on knocking him up and down and every which was as much as he can.

GREAT write-up from TPM:

    Newt Pulls Out All The Plugs On Anti-Romney Rhetoric

"After using the Occupy Wall Street playbook to attack Mitt Romney last month, Newt Gingrich is cribbing from the Tea Party’s anti-Obama files, identifying his rival as yet another co-conspirator in a vast leftist plot to destroy capitalism itself. Not a great sign for those Republican strategists who hope Romney’s Florida victory will quickly unite the party

Addressing fired up supporters in a cowboy-themed Vegas bar on Friday, Gingrich offered a new depiction of Romney as a tool of George Soros who doesn’t respect the Founding Fathers and is little different from Obama himself.

Gingrich mentioned Soros, who gave an interview in Switzerland last week saying he expected Romney and Obama to pursue similar policies, more than a half dozen times in his speech. The billionaire financier received boos and jeers at almost every mention — one supporter shouted out “The Devil!”

I do not believe the Republican party wants to nominate a George Soros-approved candidate,” he said, saying they need someone who “believes in the Declaration of Independence” rather than “somebody who is clearly against the American ideal.”...

...Even Newt’s prescription for defeating Romney is the same as for Obama: challenge him to an unmoderated Lincoln-Douglas debate where he’ll expose his secret liberalism for what it is.

And in case you were wondering if Gingrich is leaving anytime soon, Newt says “we’re going to contest this all the way to Tampa, and that’s why we’re going to win the nomination.”


The cartoon says it all:

Posted Image

chuckle, chuckle...

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