10 June 2011

Voter Registration - ALL 50 STATES plus DC - TABLE ONLY

Table of VR/VT, Election Results links from all 50 states plus DC.
The states are in bold and color coded based on their performance in the GE 2008:

State VR/VT link Elections Past Elections VR: party VR: age VR: race Interval Notes
VR/VT current 2000-2008 N N Y year VR format: xls, pdf, clickable download link. Data from 1980-present. Also a special link for female elected officials. Election format: html, previous results as pdf.
VR Current past Y Y, Gender N month Format: htm: historical VR data published yearly. Election results in pdf or htm. Results tabulated to 100th of a percentage point. Votes are called „cards“ in Alaska.
Past (to 2010) Y N N quarter Format: pdf. Registration by party and county, CD or LD. Links in english and spanish.
NVRA current Past (1976-) N N N year Formats: pdf, xls. Only lists new applications according to public help agency.
VR, VP current Past (1990-) Y N N 15, 60 and 154 days before reg close. Format: pdf. Extensive report broken into many parts. By party affiliation, including pie graph. Also party registraion by county.
VR current Past Y Gender N month Formats: all reports together as pdf. Individual reports as EXCEL.
VR Current past Y N N year Format: pdf. VR by party/town and county. Also a NET CHANGE report.
VR current past Y N N Month Format: shmtl. Party affiliation by county and precinct.
VR Current Past Y N N Month Format: pdf. Party by ward and precinct.
Current past Y N N Month Format: asp. Pie graph with running numeric totals. Also past totals since 1972, with vertical bar graph.
VR Current past N Y, Gender Y month Format: pdf. Individual reports by age, race, gender by county, municipality or district. Historical breakdown from 1962-present. But NO VR by party identification.
current past ?? ?? ?? ?? Still researching
Info Page current past N ?? ?? ?? The website explicitly states that ID does not record VR according to party affiliation. Format elections: htm.
Info Page Balkan
?? ?? ?? ??
Worst state elections website of all 50 states!
VR, VT Current past N N N Cycle Format: pdf
VR 2000-2011 1938-1999 Y N N Month Format: pdf. Party affiliation by county, CD or state district.
VR 1980-present 1980-present Y N N Irreg. Format: EXCEL. Party affiliation (raw numbers) by county.
1973-present 1973-present Y Gender N Month Format: TXT. VR by county.
VR Current / graphical / text 1998-2011 statewide / 1998-2011 by parish Y Y, Gender Y N/A Format: html, txt, aspx. Interactive Parrish map (clickable). Election results as .xls data.
VR 1990-2011 1990-2011 Y N N yearly Formats: txt, pdf
VR Current past Y N N monthly Format: pdf for VR, website (html) for election results.
VR-Current /
2000-2012 2000-2012 Y N N Irreg. Format: pdf. Independents listed as „unenrolled“
VR-VT - Primaries
1998-2011 1998-2011 N N N yearly Format: html. Only raw totals, no sorting by party affiliation, race, age or gender.
VR , VT 2001-2011 2001-2011 N N N yearly Format: html,aspx. Only raw totals, no sorting by party affiliation, race, age or gender. Link to previous years at the bottom of the page.
N/A current researching ?? ?? ?? ??
VT Current 2002-2011 ?? ?? ?? ?? Formats: asp (elections), pdf (VT)
VT 1992-2010 1992-2010 ?? ?? ?? ?? Formats: asp, pdf, in some cases, .zip.
VR - past Current? 2000-2008 Y N N cycle Format: pdf.
VR 1998-2011 1998-2011 Y Y N month Format: aspx (VR)
VR current 1992-2008 Y N N Irreg. Format: pdf / website is not well organized.
VR 1924-2011 1924-2011 Y N N Irreg. Format: pdf. VR and election results all on same http.
VR 1990-2010 1990-2010 Y N N Quarter Format: pdf, registration by CD, JD, LRD, LSD, County Precincts available.
VR 1994-2010 1994-2010 Y N N Quarter Format: pdf, registration by county, election district, assembly district or CD available.
Election night link is usually provided 1992-2010 Y N N Weekly Format: asp. On the main page, the most current stats are presented clearly in an upper balkan (raw totals)
Info Page 2000-2010 2000-2010 N N N N/A ND is the only state that does NOT have VR.
Voter Files
VT analysis
An election night link is usually provided later. 1940-present N N N N/A Ohio provides an enormous list download (.txt) of the names/adressess of every registered voter in the state. The party affiliation is listed with the name. No official tallies are presented at the OH SOS website. This is the only state in the Union to do this this way. Lists provided by county, CD, state rep district, state sen district, and state overall. The statewide list is 200 MB in size. There is also a voter file layout sheet (.doc) that describes it all). Election returns in .pdf format.
VR 2010 2004-2008 Y N N Yearly (Jan) Format: pdf
VR, Graph, Map (2000),
1996-2010 Y N N Yearly Format: htm. Close to elections, OR also provides running VR statistics, but after an election cycle, provides a yearly total.
VR, Current Stats, VR Changes,
Most current 2000-2011 Y N N Apr, May, Nov of each year Format: xls. PA provides some of the most comprehensive VR data by party affiliation and keeps track of party registration changes, inc. Party switches, additions and deletions. PA election returns also with a clickable county map.
Election FAQ , VT in GE's Current (2010) 1976-2008 Y N N unknown Format: pdf, by CD or City/Town. Links to .pdf files on the right side of the FAQ page.
VR , Past VR Election night link 1996-2010 N Y, Gender Y unknown Formats: htm, html. Sorted by counties/precincts, CD, state senate or state house seats. No VR by party affiliation in SC.
VR , VT Election night link 1889-2010! Y N N yearly Format:shtm
VR and VT 1995-current 1995-current N N N bi-annual Format: pdf. VR nur by active /inactive, not by party affiliation, age, gender or race.
VR and VT (VAP) Info /
1992-current N N N Election cycle Format: shtml. VR nur by RV also compared to VAP, not by party affiliation, age, gender or race.
VR 1960-2010 1960-2010 N N N unknown Formt: html. VR nur by active /inactive, not by party affiliation, age, gender or race.
VR , past VR current past N N N Bi-yearly (even numbered) Formats: pdf or EXCEL. VR and all election results links are at the same webpage.
VR/VT (1976-) 1995-2011 1995-2011 N N N yearly Formats: html (VR/VT), Java (Website) or CSV for elections.
VR/VT current 1900-2010 N N N yearly Format: html. RV total is listed on the main elections page (right). Special VT report by age and gender.
2008, 1976-2006 2008-2010
Y N N Bi-yearly (even numbered) Format: php (Web-text). The VR pages also have links to clickable county maps to show partisan strength.
RV 2008-2010)
WI politics info
current 2000-2010 N N N 2008-2010 (new WI website) Format: mostly pdf. WI switched over to a new website with the new Republican administration, so the data is now spread over two large websites.
RV 1996-2010 1996-2010 N N N monthly Format: pdf


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