17 June 2011

Typical FOX...

The area around the Pentagon got pretty snarled up today as the authorities took a young man into custody for suspicious activities in Arlington. Here are screenshots of the major news outlet websites.

At ABC, it is a hyperlink without picture among a list of hyperlinks below the main story:

CBS has a picture of the man on the front page and notes that he is a marine reservist.
 WAPO has the headline "Security scare snarls Pentagon area":

CNN had nothing on it at all.

 MSNBC had it as a hyperlink:
But FOX? Ahhh, FOX...

"Yonathan Melaku, a Muslim lance corporal in Marine Corps Reserve, named suspect in security incident"

 Notice that FOX went out of its way to make sure to mention that the young man is a muslim. It is the only news outlet to do this. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... gee, wonder what audience they are playing to....

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