24 June 2011


Gallup has put out a new poll showing that support for the intervention in Libya is fading. It is amazing to see how this can be reported so differently. Both ideologies want to see what they want to see. I made 3 screenshots: one of Gallup, one of FDL and one of Politico. Here they are:

 So, Gallup remains neutral, states in the headline that more are against that are for the intervention.

FDL goes out of it's way to remind that only Democrats are still willing to support this, but FDL calls it a "war".

Politico takes exactly the opposite tack (since it is a conservative-friendly website) and notes that support for "military action in Libya" are falling, "particularly among Republicans."

Totally topsy-turvy. Now that the GOP is not in power any more, it has suddenly discovered pacifism and it not willing to call a war a war. FDL (which is about as left as it gets) on the other hand, never saw an intervention that wasn't an outright war.

I am sure that were we to have a Republican President right now and were we to be in Libya, then these poll results would be completely reversed. This is pure politics, no doubt about it. The percentage of democrats willing to support a third military operation (Afghanistan, Iraq, now Libya) has actually RISEN  +3%, while GOP support has dropped 18 points and IND support has dropped 7 points. Is really quite a hoot to see.

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