15 June 2011

Possibly the most vile, most racist campaign evuh!!

Nutshell version: CA-36, special race to replace Jane Harmon. Election day: July 12, 2011

Democratic candidate: Janice Hahn
Republican Candidate (Tea Party): Craig Huey (placed second in the CA "Jungle Primary"
Ad producer: Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. of "Don't Give A Rip"fame from 2010. There is also a new SuperPAC in the picture: Turn Right USA

The 90 second ad claims that Hahn is soft on criminals (TPM calls the ad "Willie Horton on steroids") and pictures her as a sleazy, mostly naked white woman (topless, but we only see the back side) doing a pole dance while black guys dressed as guys from the "hood" slap her ass and rap/sing "Give us yo cash, bitch..." At the end of the ad, the pole dancer turns her neck in a very Linda Lovelace "Exorcist" fashion and we see red devils-eyes.

This is a must see AD:


There is more: the Youtube ad you just saw points to this website, called hahnshomeboyz. Because I am not so sure how long this site will stay up, here is a screenshot of the site:

Classy, eh? "Gangbanging".................. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... nope, not sexist...

A look at their youtube page is also enlightening: notice some of the videos previewed on the right:

"Latino Fascist Terrorists just a gang?"  What a great american title, eh?

But the PAC website looks totally innocent, totally innocuous:

So, aside from the fact that the vast majority of gang criminality in LA and the outlying areas (CA-36 is an outlying coastal area on part of the Santa Monica bay) is hispanic in nature and has nothing to do with blacks, this PAC has tried to scare us all once agin about the evil black man. Neither Huey's campaign nor the Los Angeles GOP has responded. This is a typical republican trick: let someone else drop a bomb like this and feign innocence and ignorance.

And this coming from the party that freed the slaves....

This is pretty damned disgusting stuff. Of course, the GOP and conservatives are not racist. No sir. Why, but of course not. And when this kind of stuff happens, they are just very quiet, you know...

BTW, CA-36 is a rock solid democratic CD and has been so since 1974.The district showed signs of softening up in 1972 but was carry by a new republican on Nixon's coattails. The republican who won CA-36 in 1972 (William Ketchum) moved over to CA-18 in 1974. Jane Harmon won the seat in 1992, held it barely in 1994 and as of 2002 won massive landslides here every time. Obama won this CD 64.4 - 33.5% (+30.9% margin) in 2008. It is not going to flip. But this continues to prove my assertion that the GOP does or allows  this crazy, stupid stuff either in districts where it has a rock-solid lock or where the other party has a rock-solid lock. It does not do this stuff in swing districts.

And yes, this ad is RACISM PURE and has no place in american society. It is also unbelievably sexist and offensive to women. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have his head examined.

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